Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Color Combo Challenge #90

I wasn't so sure about this color combo, but it actually worked out perfect for these pictures. I didn't add the grey anywhere else because the photos had so much already, and the letters are more blue in real life.

I got my hair highlighted today. Took 3 and half hours because I have so much hair...haha. I'll post a pic eventually. Probably tomorrow. Unfortunately, no one at work even noticed because you can't really tell that much of a difference when my hair is up. It's definitely blonder and NOT RED when it's down, which is awesome. I went in there wanting brown on bottom and blonde on top but somehow the bottom is more blonde. I'll just have to get partial highlights on the top next time to even it up. I really like it though.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Color combo challenge #89

This one isn't my favorite, but it's okay. I did it for Color combo challenge #89. The colors were perfect for the photos.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm proud of this one!

Four challenges on one page! And I like the outcome! Haha.

First, the colors are, of course, from Color Combo Challenge #88. The B&W photo, 3 stamps, and butterfly are for the Dreamgirls Challenge #11. I used the Pencil Lines' sketch #101. And lastly, the page is about how I wish I had the ability to be confident, which is for catalyst 26 at Creative Therapy. :)

Other non-scrapbooking news is that I tried to dye my hair blonde and it turned a reddish brown somehow. It's not horrible, but I'm not keeping it. Today or tomorrow, my mother in law is going to buy some more dye so we can fix it.

I also jumped on the bandwagon and started reading the Twilight series. My MIL gave the book to me thinking I might like to read it, and I really enjoyed it. I read 3 hours before work then started again at 12 when I got home and I ended up staying up until NINE in the morning because I wanted to finish it. I only got 2 hours of sleep then one more when I took a nap later. But I started reading the 2nd book, which Dustin bought for me, and I'm about 130 pages in. It started making me sad though because I was already in a sad mood, so I stopped reading, but I'll probably start up again today.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Scrapjacking Toomuchcoffeegirl

I liked Christina's layout that they jacked over at Scrapjacked but I'm not too fond of my interpretation. It's alright I guess but I wish I would've used paint like she did. I forgot about that when I was making the layout.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Color combo challenge #87

As the title says, this layout is for challenge #87 at Color Combos Galore. I was trying to incorporate more challenges into this layout but I didn't want it to be cluttered. I like simple layouts, especially for older photos. These pictures are of my grandma that passed away. My aunt sent them to me recently and I knew I wanted to scrap them.